How to Make Baby Swag Bags! // First Birthday Party Planning

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September 13, 2015 by steelcitymama

Baby Swag Bags

The first birthday party was a huge success!  Planning for it certainly was bittersweet.  I could not believe how fast a year flew by in what seemed like an instant.  All the milestones that have come and gone, and the memories we have built over a year is mind blowing.  I’ll admit, I started thinking about my son’s first birthday party around six months.  Not that I wanted time to pass by or I was jumping the gun, I just really enjoyed the excitement of planning his first birthday.  I was so thrilled of the thought of his first real event that is all about him and how he was going to react to everything.  I know at this age they won’t really remember much, but I didn’t care, I just wanted him to look back on the photos and see how we made his first little party very special.

We could not have had such a great party had it not been for our family and friends that attended.  His little friends were so adorable and he loved having them all around.  I really wanted them to feel special as well so I decided to try to think outside the box when it came to party favors.  I really wanted to include things they actually would like and use, so I enlisted the help of some of our most favorite companies.  They generously donated the items we used for our Baby Swag Bags, but they are all relatively inexpensive so the favors bags could easily be replicated for your own party.  Here are the items we included for our baby swag bags:


Babyganics Sunscreen & Wipes –  Sunscreen is extremely important for our little ones and finding one that is safe for them is even more important. Unfortunately, there are so many harsh chemicals added to most sunscreens marketed for children.  I feel most families are not aware and would not use them if they really knew the ingredients.  We found Babyganics at Buy Buy Baby originally and have been quite happy with it. We had tried a few natural brands before but I had not been happy with the thickness of them and felt like they were very sticky as well.  This sunscreen is perfect for us because it goes on smoothly, does not leave a sticky residues or color, and does not have an odor to it.  Now that he is in daycare, I put this on him before I drop him off since they go on walks each day there.  It is so great for everyday use. Babyganics also sent our guests multi-purpose wipes and coupons too! –

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Love Child Organics Food Pouches – Exposing our little man to a variety of foods has always been a top priority of mine.  Once he tried most single food types I was ready to move him to combinations.  We found Love Child Organics food pouches at Walmart and he has loved them!  I love them because they combine all different fruits, vegetables, grains, and yogurt into a super tasty pouch.  They are very convenient on the go or when I do not have as much time to prepare a meal.  I love that this brand is committed to adding superfoods like quinoa and acerola to their pouches which are full of nutrients.  We also love the flavors that have yogurt and the supergrains millet and amaranth in them.  Love Child Organics purée pouches are 100% organic and all natural and free of artificial flavors, preservatives and additives. They also do not have any added sugar, salt or fillers.  We love that they are made in the USA and are a healthy yet convenient meal option for our little guy.

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NeatCheeks Face Wipes – With a slogan like “Wipe on a Smile”, my expectations for this face wipe were high. I was introduced to this brand by seeing them on Shark Tank and it is a product that I never would have imagined really using until I had an official toddler that hates having his mouth wiped after he eats.  The wipes are sweetened with Stevia, which is safe and all natural.  My little guy really loves these wipes!  And after I wipe his face, when I kiss him it tastes so sweet!  I love that they moisturize his skin and are also hypoallergenic since his skin is so sensitive.  The individual packs are perfect for sticking in your child’s lunchbox or on the go.  We really have loved these wipes and our friends love them now too!  You can purchase them on their website, at Babies-R-Us, and now Walgreens.

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Nuby Take & Toss Spill-Proof Straw Cups – I have worked with Nuby in their Parent Blogger Program for a while now, and we have been pleased with all their products that we have tried.  When we started trying sippy cups, we were frustrated with most of them, but found he really did well with any cup that actually had a straw.  This was so surprising to my husband and I because we thought it would be too hard for him.  Our pediatrician actually also recommended straws to strengthen his muscles around his mouth which apparently help with speech development.  We love these little cups because they have a straw and are also sturdy enough to use around the house.  They are sold in 4 packs of bright colors and are such a great price too.

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Toppy Toddler Toddler Bibs – I was so excited this brand agreed to work with us because we love Toppy Toddler bibs!  They are the perfect size for my little guy who loves feeding himself.  They are a good bit larger than baby size bibs and I love the size as they cover so much more.  More coverage means less mess all over his clothes, and less stains I have to pretreat so that’s a huge bonus for me!  I also love that they are extremely lightweight, yet durable. They have held up extremely well in the washing machine and actually still look brand new.  They have not faded at all.  The double snap feature is probably my favorite as it makes it easier to keep the bib ON my baby rather than him being able to pull it off.  I also love the clean, simple design of the bibs and feel they look very modern. I like that these bibs are also sold in larger sets as well because I like to have a lot of bibs in my rotation so I’m not washing as frequently.  I also love that they are genuinely waterproof which is perfect for keeping the mess on the bibs and not seeping through to his clothing.  They sent each party guest 2 bibs which they all loved!

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We were so happy with the way everything turned out!  It was an amazing first birthday party and I could not have done it without the help of the hostess with the mostest (aka – my mom).  She is the most wonderful party planner and the most important party planning lesson I’ve learned from her is as long as everyone feels warm and welcome, you have succeeded.  I think everyone had a blast and I made my mom proud as well.

Thank you for stopping by!  I love questions and comments, so feel free to post them here!


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