Shades for Little Babes // Babiators Review

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September 6, 2015 by steelcitymama

Our little babe thoroughly enjoys every minute that he is outside.  We try to go on walks at least once a day.  He just loves the noise of the neighbors’ dogs, watching people walk by, and feeling the sunshine on his face- but he hates when it is in his eyes.

To combat the fierce sun on his little face, we knew we needed baby-sized sunnies.  I bought a pair for him earlier in the summer, but the fit just was not right.  We recently received a new pair of the most stylish tiny shades called Babiators.  They are seriously the most adorable thing I have seen for babies, though they make child sizes as well.

We got the Black Ops color and I think they are quite versatile, but I also love some of the other color options like Hello Yellow!, Blue Angels, and Wicked White.  The style we got are the original shades (Ages 0-7) which are priced at $20, but they also have polarized styles starting at $45.

Babiators 1

Babiators 2

Babiators 3
Aside from the obvious cuteness overload of seeing my little one in sunnies just his size, the 100% UVA/UVB protection they provide makes me a happy mama knowing his eyes are safe from harmful rays.  There are a million things I worry about constantly as a mama, and anything that cuts down my worrying is a purchase worth making.  I will say at this toddler in training age, it is hard to keep the shades on his face.  He is just in such a curious phase where anything around him must be inspected, and his Babiators are no exception.

Another thing I love about these sunnies is that they are really flexible and shatter-resistant.  I was unsure of how durable they could be until I actually had them in my hands.  They do bend quite well which makes sense because the frames are made of rubber.  I think I will also get a case for them though to be sure to store them safely.

Babiators also provides a guarantee if you break or lose the sunglasses within a year that they will replace them as long as you register them.  This is another huge benefit of buying from this company and a great way they stand behind the products they sell.  Since babies and toddlers can be rough on everything, this is such a great guarantee.

I also love the adorable packaging!  Every side of the box has something fun to read.  I think the packaging makes these sunnies the perfect little gift or stocking stuffer.  Their small size makes them perfect for a stocking or even to top a gift with.

Babiators Package 1 Babiators Package 2

Overall we love these little shades!  They are perfect for everyday use.  We will definitely be buying more colors soon!  Babiators has also offered a great discount for my readers.  From September 7-14, 2015, you can get 20% off sitewide using my code SteelCityMama20Off at checkout.  Check them out and let me know what you think!  Thank you Babiators for making my little ones eyes sun-safe!

Use the links below to keep up with the exciting things Babiators has going on.

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