Food Art is Not My Forte // FunBites Review

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August 28, 2015 by steelcitymama


As I look through countless accounts on Instagram every day, I often find accounts that have the most beautiful food art creations!  I thought, what the heck, I think I can try that. To help me in my efforts, our sweet friends at FunBites sent us over a triangle shaped food cutter for us to try.  My little one is 11.5 months and I am slowly giving him more independence in feeding himself.  This little tool is the perfect addition to prepping food for him!

We had a lot of fun trying the cutter on different types of food, but I will say I am not as skilled in food art as I might like to be.  Even though I am not great at it, I really enjoy using the FunBites cutter.  It is much easier and faster to cut sandwiches and other things into more manageable pieces for my little babe.  He loves that he can feed himself now!  Obviously, a lot of supervision is still required and recommended to be sure your little is safe while eating.  Here are a few reasons why we love FunBites and our new food cutter:

Packaging – I was instantly impressed by the unique and creative packaging of the FunBites cutter.  I wish I had taken a photo of the product in the packaging, but I was so excited I ripped it open immediately!  Packaging plays an extremely important role in my purchasing desicions, especially if I do not know much about the company.  I love how bright and appealing the packaging is.  It is so cute, that it would be a perfect stand alone gift for a birthday party or I can see it also as a great addition to an Easter basket or a house warming gift for a family with children.

Easy to Use – This little tool is quite easy to use and I actually find it fun as well. Though my little one is too small to help now, I am looking forward to teaching him to use it when he is older.  I think it is so important to incorporate children into meal preparation and a fun tool like this makes it easier for them to participate.

Fun Shapes – Right now, the cutters come in three different shapes: triangles, hearts, and squares.  They will also be releasing a Minions cutter soon which is so adorable!  With the variety of the design shapes, there are so many creations you could come up with to make cute meals for your kids that really get them excited about eating.  As I have said, I am not great at coming up with cute ideas, but if you would like some ideas, head over to these Instagram pages for tons of great ideas and recipes: FunBites & Lunches and Littles.

Healthy Recipes & Ideas – FunBites is also very committed to sharing healthy recipes to making well balanced meals for children.  I love that they recognize how picky kids can be, and how the food cutters make eating healthy foods fun!  They share healthy recipes and ideas frequently on their social media so be sure to follow them.

Overall, I think these food cutters are a great, quick way to make fun shapes with your kiddo’s food.  They are easy to use and make even the most uncreative mom able to make fun meals for their children.  I would recommend this to moms looking for something unique to use in their kitchen with their little ones!  Do not be like me and get intimidated by others who are extremely talented in food art.  Even if you are like those creative geniuses, your kiddo will enjoy seeing what you can come up with!  If you have tried these cutters, please share your own thoughts with me and tell me why you love FunBites!  Also, please check out the links below to follow FunBites on their social media accounts.

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