Bath Time Education & Organization! // Nuby Product Review


August 1, 2015 by steelcitymama

As I’ve said before, bath time is one of my little guy’s favorite times of the day.  He loves playing with his bath toys and splashing around while I bathe him.  It warms my heart to see his amazement with water and how it seems to comfort him after a long day.

His latest favorite bath toys are his Foam Letter & Numbers that our friends at Nuby sent him.  Whenever we find products that are fun and educational that he actually enjoys, I celebrate a little mom win.  I try to spell out different words for him on the tub (they actually stick!) while he holds other letters and watches me.  Usually, I don’t make it through the whole word before he tries to knock them off of the tub, but he seems to think it’s a game so we both enjoy it.  I love that this set is so fun for him but also is exposing him to letters and numbers in another way, other that just him seeing them in the books that I read to him.

Nuby Bath Letters and Numbers 2

The set comes with 36 letters and numbers which is a great amount for such a low price.  My little guy is 10.5 months old and loves to play with them, but I know as he grows he will also be learning as he plays.  I hope to use them to challenge him to read new words that he has learned and challenge him to spell out words as well.  At some point, I’ll probably buy another set so I can spell out longer words.  We really love this set and would recommend it as a great addition to your bath time routine!

Nuby Bath Letters and Numbers 2

Nuby Bath Letters and Numbers

At the end of bath time, cleaning up is a breeze with our new Nuby Whale Sea Scooper.  I have really enjoyed this helpful organization and cleaning tool!  Right now, I’m the one using it, but I know eventually he will be helping with clean up and with the cute and playful design I know he will enjoy helping.

Nuby Sea Scooper

My favorite part about the scooper is that it is narrow enough to sit on the side of our tub, since we have a garden separate tub from the shower.  Most scoopers I had seen in the past are so wide and are primarily for attaching to shower tiles.  The scooper also come with an attachment so you are able to place it on the tile as well if that is a better option for you.  I also love the generous size of the opening because you can fit a lot more toys in it that are larger than the other scoopers we have seen.  I will definitely be telling all our mommy friends about this great product and recommend you give it a shot as well!

I hope you enjoyed reading about our bath time fun and please leave any questions or comments you have!  You might also enjoy reading about another fun bath toy we reviewed here.  Thank you all for reading and I wish you lots of bath time fun!

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Disclosure: I received these products from Nuby USA as a part of their Parent Blogger program but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 


One thought on “Bath Time Education & Organization! // Nuby Product Review

  1. Shannon P says:

    What a cutie! We love making bath time fun for my son too, and these letters are a great way to do it!


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