Learning to Walk // Freshly Picked Moccs Review & Giveaway!

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July 27, 2015 by steelcitymama

Freshly Picked 2 With each day, we are getting closer and closer to having a little walker!  He is getting faster at moving around the furniture, letting go of things once he pulls up, and walking with his push walker.  As much as I’ve chased him crawling all over the place, I know I’ll need my running shoes to keep up with him once he masters walking.

Shoes are now becoming more than just an accessory for him and picking the right shoe is also very important.  Soft soled shoes are perfect for babes learning to walk because they provide protection but are flexible enough for movement.  We recently received a complimentary pair of Freshly Picked moccasins and I think they are the perfect shoes for my little walker-in-training. My little guy is 10 months old and we ordered a size 3 in the birch color.  I particularly love this color because it matches so well with most everything. The taupe colored leather is simply beautiful!  I will say the size is a bit tight for him, he will probably only be able to wear them a month or so.  We used the size chart and I rounded up, but I wish I had gone up another size to have more room for growth.  We actually ended up ordering camo suede pair as well and the size feels a bit roomier.

My favorite feature of these moccs is the elastic around the ankles that keep the shoes on my babe’s feet.  Though he loves to try to pull them off, he hasn’t been successful yet! I love both pairs of his new moccs and I highly recommend this brand for anyone looking for the perfect first pair of shoes for their baby.  He had another pair of moccasins when he was smaller and the quality was just nowhere near Freshly Picked moccs.  I love all the color options available and particularly love the Utah Collection that have a rustic feel to them.

_DSC4165 Freshly Picked 3 Freshly Picked 1

Favorite Features of Freshly Picked Moccs:

– High Quality

– 100% Genuine Leather – Soft Soles

– Stylish

– Elastic Keeps Moccs On – Made in the USA

Not only did I get to try a pair of these great moccs, you could to!  Freshly Picked is sponsoring a giveaway on my Instagram page.  Check out how to enter here. Thank you to Freshly Picked for letting us test your amazing products.  A big thank you to my readers as well, and I’d love to hear your comments!

Use the links below to keep up with this great company!






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