Fun with Dinnerware // Re-Play Product Review and Giveaway!

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July 13, 2015 by steelcitymama

Re-Play Recycled Review

Seeing my son grow every day is bittersweet.  I love watching him learn to do new things and find so much joy in his amazement at the smallest things in the world.  The innocence in his sweet eyes pull at my heart.  It’s also exciting to see him trying new foods, and with that I thought he needed his very own dinnerware.  Though it’s just another big step I wasn’t ready for, it was fun looking through all the options available, and wow, were there a lot of options!

I found this unique company called Re-Play and was immediately sold on the concept and design. I was drawn to all the bright color options and the fact that their products are made from recycled milk jugs. They kindly offered to send us over their fun nautical set to review.  This set comes with three of each these items: cups, plates, forks and spoons, making it the perfect starter set for us.  If you order the set, you also have the option to add on other products to match like no spill cups, bowls, and snack containers.

I found their website to be extremely user friendly and love that they offer so many purchase options for consumers to try their products.  You do not have to purchase an entire set for example, you could purchase just plates or cups, or you could purchase a huge set right up front.  When I received the set, I loved that it did not come in traditional  packaging to cut down on waste.  It is just another thing the company is doing to be more Eco-friendly.

Another thing I noticed immediately when I opened the package was how sturdy the products were, which also surprised me.  Durability is obviously important when you have a rough and rowdy, 10 month old toddler wannabe.  Re-Play has actually even tested the strength of their plates by driving over them with a car!  Though I’m glad they are that durable, I find them far too cute to try that myself and risk any damage.  Since their products are made to withstand so much, you could easily use them for multiple children, which is also a huge plus to me.

The size of their products are perfect for toddlers, but I love that they could also serve multiple purposes for adults as well.  They are a great size to tote along for picnics, camping, or travel.  Since they do not have cartoon characters or other youthful designs on them, I feel like these serve multiple purposes for families which again is a huge plus.

I also could not believe how affordable their products are for items that are all made right here in the USA.  A three pack of cups or set of two divided plates are just $5.99!  For an Eco-conscious, made in the USA product, that is super affordable.  Their products are even sold at large retailers like Walmart and Whole Foods.  If you prefer to purchase at a store rather than online, they even have a store locator on their website to let you know what stores near you carry their product. I have so many reasons to love this brand and their products, but my favorite features are listed below.

Favorite Product Features

– Made from Recycled Materials

– Vibrant Color Options

– Durable

– Dishwasher Safe

– User-friendly Website

– Various Uses

– Sold in Stores

– Affordable

– Made in the USA

Overall, I really love and am impressed with this brand.  I would definitely recommend them to all the moms and dads out there looking to find the perfect dinnerware for your littles!  Re-Play is also going to give a feeding set to one lucky reader.  Head over to my Instagram to quickly and easily enter the giveaway!  To keep up with what Re-Play is up to, follow them on the links below.  Thank you again for reading and I’d love to hear your feedback or comments!

Re-Play Recycled Dinnerware


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