Teething Woes // Nuby Floppers Review


June 24, 2015 by steelcitymama

While I love my little babe’s pearly whites, they have NOT been fun as they’ve come in over the last six months.  At nine months old, he has SIX teeth, and he started teething very early around two and a half months.  We’ve tried all kinds of products for teething, but recently we have really enjoyed this cute Floppers teething toy that our friends at Nuby so graciously sent us to test.

I really wish we had known about this little toy sooner!  Not only does it have four colorful parts for my little man to chew on as a teether, but it is just a great toy for him to play with as well which is why this teether is so unique to me.  We love taking this on car rides so he always has it to play with in his car seat.  He also really loves when I hold the handle at the top and move it up and down which makes the teether parts come together making a click-clack sound that he absolutely loves!  Since this teether is larger than others we have tried, it is really easy for him to hold which is why I think it is so wonderful for babes like mine that start teething so early.  I feel like most of the products we came across we really geared towards older babies, and it was so hard for him to find relief with those products, so we were happy that this teether is for babies 3+ months.  Since he is now older, I am really still surprised that he likes this toy so much, but I am relieved that it works well for him.  I would recommend it to any parent looking for a great teether for their baby!

To summarize, here are the reasons I love the Nuby Floppers teething toy:

– Geared towards early teether (3+ months)

– Available in 3 different animals types (turtle, alligator, monkey)

– Large and easy to hold

– Multiple teething surfaces

– Massaging surfaces

– Vibrant colors and patterns encourage visual perception

– Doubles as teether and toy

– Easy to wash

– BPA free

Nuby Floppers 2

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Disclosure: I received these products from Nuby USA as a part of their Parent Blogger program but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 


2 thoughts on “Teething Woes // Nuby Floppers Review

  1. Linz says:

    nuby is the best! Williams molars are coming in now – THAT is rough!!


  2. Shannon P says:

    Oh man, we’re definitely on the miserable teething train over here too :/ Glad this nuby teether is so awesome for you!


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