Closet Clean-out! // Poshmark Review and $5 Credit Code

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June 20, 2015 by steelcitymama

Since having my little man, our house has gained a new level of crazy clutter!  It was definitely time to re-evaluate a lot of things we have that we never use, starting with my closet.  Though I have shed bags upon bags of clothing over the years, I have usually just sold them at consignment stores or donated them.  While we will continue to donate throughout the year, I’ve found another place to sell my gently used items to make a little extra cash.  It’s called Poshmark.  They have an app you can download and if you use the code PPHEL, you’ll get a $5 credit just for signing up!  You can buy and sell items through they app.  Though most items are in gently used condition (GUC) or excellent used condition (EUC), they have a lot of listings that are new with tags (NWT) as well.

Once you are in, you’ll see it is extremely user friendly and you can start listing items in seconds.  I have only been using it a week and I have already sold 3 items!  One thing I love about selling on this app, is the buyer pays for shipping and Poshmark sends you a 2-3 day priority mail shipping label instantly so you can print right from home. Then you can just pickup free priority mail boxes at your local post office to keep on hand as you sell your items.  You can also order the boxes from USPS to be delivered to your home.  The flat shipping rate (paid for by the buyer) is $4.99, though they frequently offer lower shipping prices if sellers drop their prices on their listings usually by a set percentage (10% for example).

Another thing I love about the app is how simple it is to search for items.  You can search for your favorite brands and even add your sizes per clothing category so it filters out anything that does not match your size selections.  If you are not ready to purchase items, you can use their “like” button located under the listing and your “likes” get saved in the app so you can easily find them again.  They also have a “offer” feature on listings where you can try to negotiate a better price with each seller though they have the right to decline offers as well.  You can also share your listings to your social media accounts so your friends can check out what you have for sale.

Add Your Custom Sizes by Category

Add Your Custom Sizes by Category

You Can Easily View All of Your

You Can Easily View All of Your “Likes” in One Place

They do limited the type of items to women’s clothing and accessories only, so this is not the place to sell your husband’s or children’s clothes.  Also, they do charge a fee to the seller once an item has sold. All items under $15 are charged a flat rate of $2.95 which is deducted from your earnings. Any items above $15 are charged a 20% fee from your sales.  Though this can be high with more expensive items, I still think it is better that having to pay to list on other sites like PayPal.  Since the app is so easy to search for items, people can find your things much quicker in my opinion than other online sale sites.   Once you start accumulated funds from your sales, you can opt to receive payment in the form of check or direct deposit to your bank account or you can even use accumulated funds to purchase from the site.

Overall, I’ve been really pleased with the app and would recommend it to any lady trying to declutter their closet.  Though from my review some parts of the app might initially sound complex, you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll catch on once you start using it.  Since you are purchasing straight from the seller, I’d advise you to be sure to ask any questions you have directly to them before you purchase.  Though they have a great protection policy for buyers called Posh Protect, it is always best to be sure you know what you are paying for so you are not surprised when you receive your item.

If you download the app, don’t forget to use my referral code PPHEL for $5 in credit towards your first purchase!  Please let me know your thoughts once you’ve had a chance to look around the Poshmark app.


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