First Attempt at Baby Food Makin’ // Nuby Garden Fresh Product Review

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May 7, 2015 by steelcitymama

If you know our family, you’ll know that we’re definitely not “crunchy” parents.  We use disposable diapers and wipes and when our little man first starting eating food, we picked up pre-made, Gerber brand food.  Don’t judge; that’s just how we do around here and it keeps me sane!  Even with the convenience of pre-made baby food available, I decided I wanted to give this baby food makin’ a try.  Our lovely friends at Nuby USA sent us some great little gadgets to test.  We received the Garden Fresh Mash n’ Feed and the Garden Fresh Storage Pots to help make the process a little easier.


I opened the mash n’ feed package and the directions actual had two suggested things to prepare: carrots or bananas.  Since I already had a bag of baby carrots, I decided I would try those first.  After I washed and prepped the carrots, I steamed them for about 7-8 minutes to get them nice and soft.

Steamed Carrots

Next, I put 5-6 carrots in the bowl to start mashing them.  I added a little water as I went to make it easier.  The inside of the bowl is textured which really helps as you are mashing the food.  Though this process takes a bit of muscle, it was a lot of fun!

Nuby Garden Fresh Mash n' Feed

As you can see though, the carrots will still be a tad chunky.  Our little guy is just not ready for food that is this textured.  He just spits it all right back up.  We opted to finish pureeing the carrots with about 3/4 of a cup of water in the food processor.  Next, I put the pureed carrots into the storage pots.

Ruby Garden Fresh Storage Pots

I really love these cute storage pots!  They each hold about 2 ounces of food which is the perfect portion size for our baby.  The base of the pots are non-stick and they also are made to easily pop food out once frozen.  I think we will get a lot of use out of these pots and will most likely need another set as I continue to learn to make baby food.  My first attempt was a little sloppy, but I did have enough fun to continue trying to make our little guy’s food.


Nuby Garden Fresh Mash n’ Feed:

– Prep, mix, store and feed

– Textured interior on the bowl is helpful for mashing

– Bowl holds up to 7 oz.

– Non-skid base

– Sealing lid preserves flavors and nutrients

-Dishwasher and microwave safe

-BPA free

I really love this product, but will probably use it for things that are easier to mash such as sweet potatoes or avocado.  As our little guy gets older (he is 7.5 months now), I think this will be much more helpful as he grows more accustomed to textured food.  In my opinion, this product is better for advanced babies or toddlers as I still needed to puree the carrots in the food processor to get the pieces small enough for him to eat.

Nuby Garden Fresh Storage Pots: 

– Feed, store or freeze

– Each pot holds approximately 2 oz

– Base of pots are non-stick allowing food to easily pop out of container once frozen

– Lid seals to preserve flavors and nutrients

– Freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe

– BPA free

I also really love these little pots and think they are quite versatile.  Beyond making and storing baby food, I think these containers are a great size for snacks on the go. The lids seal nice and tight, so you wouldn’t need to worry about them opening in your bag.  I think we will have to invest in another set of these!

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Disclosure: I received these products from Nuby USA as a part of their Parent Blogger program but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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