Product Review // Fisher-Price Piano Gym, Kick and Play

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April 16, 2015 by steelcitymama

Fisher-Price Piano Gym, Kick and Play

Price $49.99

Recommended Age:  Birth-18 months 

Fisher-price Piano Gym Kick and Play 1


Grows with baby

Plays music

Easy to set up

Easy to clean



Light padding

We have really enjoyed this inexpensive play mat.  It has honestly been one of the few things that we’ve used since we brought our little man home from the hospital.

Right out it the box, it only took a few minutes to assemble, which is a huge plus for sleep deprived parents. It is simple to adjust the product as the baby grows, which is also wonderful because for us, so few products have been able to grow with our baby.

The  play options are lie flat, tummy time, and seated.  Our favorite position so far is the lie flat position where the baby lies on his/her back and is able to kick the piano and look at the toys hanging from above. Our baby loves to kick the piano, and as he’s grown, he loves reaching and pulling the toys.

The tummy time position is the second stage.  The toys that hang in the first stage can be easily moved to attach to the mat.  Though he has enjoyed the toys and bright colors on the mat, it just seems the padding is too light for him to be happy during tummy time.  Since the toys are easy to remove, we just take them off and put him on a softer surface while he’s on his tummy which greatly improved the length of each tummy time.

The third stage is a seated position where the keyboard can be removed and the baby can play it on his/her lap.  At 7 months, our little one is just now able to use the keyboard in his lap.  He loves music, so the versatility and portability of the keyboard is another huge plus.

Overall, we have loved this product and I would highly recommend it to other moms.  It has kept his attention longer than any other toy we have tried so far. I love how interactive this mat is and how much it stimulates our baby during playtime.

Fisher-price Piano Gym Kick and Play 2


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