Citrus Lane March 2015 Box Review


March 28, 2015 by steelcitymama

Several months before my son was born I started looking at subscription boxes for babies and stumbled upon Citrus Lane.  I signed up for their email list but decided to wait until after he was born to give it a try.  They sent me an email early March with a 30% discount for my first box plus a $30 mystery gift.  This was enough to finally sign up.  The total cost after tax was $20.79.

I filled out the profile online with his birthdate so the box was designed for 6 month baby boys. I wanted to share with you the contents of our box and my review of the products.

Citrus Lane March 2015 Box Review - 6 Month Baby Boy

Citrus Lane March 2015 Box Review – 6 Month Baby Boy

1. Bow Tie by Baby Bow Tie (Value $19.95): While this bow tie is adorable, it is not a very practical item for me.  My 6 month old rarely dresses up so it just is not an item we will get much use out of.

2. Tweat Snack Ball by Ubbi (Value $9.95): I do think this is a very cute container for snacks on the go.  I like that it is clear so you can easily see what is in it.  It is also very sturdy and can be washed in top rack of the dishwasher. Since my baby just started eating purée foods, it just seems a little out of his age range considering the boxes are intended to come every month.  I can see us using this in a few months, but we are just not ready for it now.

3. Wooden Toy by Melissa & Doug (Value $5.99): We received the panda peek-a-boo toy.  It is a very cute toy that is easy for little hands to hold.

4. 3 oz Bubble Bath & 9 oz Head to Toe Baby Wash by Johnson & Johnson (Value $4.98):  We currently try to use more natural products than this, but I do use these products myself if I run out of my body wash.

Citrus Lane Mystery Box

Citrus Lane Mystery Box

1. Boon Stout Blue Green 2 Pack (Value $12.99): These translation cups are modern and sleek.  I like the design and the colors.  We just started using sippy cups though, so it will be quite a while before we can use these.

2. Tub Fishin’ (Value $10.75):  This looks like a fun game to make bath time more entertaining. Again, with a recommended age of 3+ years, it’s just far to advanced for my 6 month old.

3. An Island in the Sun (Value $6.99):  We love story time and we could use another book so we were happy to receive this as a bonus.


Overall, I felt the most of the box contents and mystery gifts were just not age appropriate.  I did contact their customer service team to voice my concerns.  They promptly responded but they replied saying they have had a lot of responses from subscribers saying they would like to see products that are ahead in age.  While I understand that might be the case for toddlers, it’s harder to see that standard working for infants and babies who are just not advanced enough for certain products.  I had initially purchased the box with the intent to fill his Easter basket with the items but I will just have to save some of the items until he is ready to use them.

I canceled my membership for now, but I might try again when he is a toddler.  The cancelation process was very easily done online and I do like that they make it hassle free to try their subscription box.

If you’d like to try Citrus Lane for yourself, you can use this link to get 50% off your first box.  If you decide to try them out, let me know what you think!


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